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Dymock Woods has a range of paths that run through the woodland. There are two way marked trails starting from Queen’s Wood car park- The Lake Walk and the Princess Trail. The Daffodil Trail starts at Shaw Common carpark and continues for around 9 miles through Dymock Woods and Kempley Green. This area is famous for its beautiful array of wild daffodils in the early spring, as well as bluebells and butterflies in the section through Dymock Woods.

 04/06/2022 18:45 – Departure: 05/06/2022 08:30
51.95137577150963, -2.460036815790749

Nearest Town / City: 
County: Gloucestershire
Country: England
Postcode: GL18 2BN
4G / 5G Signal (O2): ok

Weather: windy,light-rain,heavy-rain

Radio Activity

Grid Sq: IO81sw
IOTA: EU-005
ITU Zone: 27
CQ Zone: 14

Bands Worked: 30m,20m
Modes Used: ft8,ft4
General Conditions: great

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Special callsign: MQ6JUY
HMQ Platinum Jubilee

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