The MW6JUY portable radio station operates all over Wales, and sometimes further afield. Whilst it is never intentionally parked on private property without permission, there may be occasions, especially in remote rural locations where it’s not obvious if a location is private property or not, or who the owner may be.

That said, please be assured that if the station is parked on or near your property it is a fully equipped, off-grid expedition vehicle, and it will leave without a trace. No rubbish, no camp fires (on the ground), or waste of any kind will be left behind when the vehicle leaves. Every precaution is taken to ensure no damage is caused to any person or property, and we take photos to prove it. In the event of any issue, the vehicle is fully insured.

The vehicle may arrive and/or leave at any time of the day or night because different types of radio activities work best at different times of the day. The MW6JUY portable radio station looks like a campervan, but it’s primary purpose is not camping, and will never stay in one location more than 24hrs at a time.

LL15 USX – White Mercedes-Benz Sprinter LWB

Contact the MW6JUY/P Station Directly

The vehicle always has phone and internet signal, and you can use the form below to contact the station operator directly in the event of any issue.