Thanks for visiting the MW6JUY website. You’re probably here because either you’re another ham radio operator, or because you’ve seen the MW6JUY portable radio station, which is an off-grid expedition vehicle based on a white Mercedes Sprinter van and you’re curious to know more.

Recent Portable Locations

The MW6JUY/P (portable) radio station operates frequently from it’s home QTH of Chepstow, in South Wales, UK. Additionally, the station operates from locations all over Wales and the posts below are the most recent of these activities.

Real-Time Activity

The map below shows both stations heard by MW6JUY/P, as well as where MW6JUY/P is being heard around the globe by other ham radio stations over the past 24hrs.

What does this map show?

The station is both receiving and transmitting
The station is receive-only, no transmissions
The station is not receiving or transmitting

Too many results, or no results at all? You can zoom-in/out in the usual ways. You can also try adjusting the settings at the top of the map (band, mode and timeframe) to filter the results. Additionally, you can click the ‘Display options’ button above the map to adjust various features of the map, and the way the data is displayed.

Additional Info: This map and associated data is processed by and provided by You can click here to visit their website for the full-screen version and information about the service.

Recent Spots

There are too many spots to list each one individually, but these are a random selection of the ham radio stations around the world that have reported via the internet that they can hear transmissions from the MW6JUY portable station.

QRZ Logbook

The table below shows the most recent two-way contacts logged by MW6JUY/P at Whilst the internet is used for logging and in the spotting process, the following represent direct, radio-to-radio communications. Entries marked with gold stars have been confirmed by both stations involved.

If you’re another ham station, and you receive an incoming QSL from MW6JUY at especially, please review and confirm as soon as possible, thanks.

If the portable radio station is currently on or near your property please see the Station Overview to find out what it is, and what it’s doing, and click here for some additional information about the use of private property.