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CU3AT in Azores spotted MW6JUY/P on the 30m Ham Radio band · ft8

The CU3AT ham radio station in Azores confirmed via the internet that they can hear radio transmissions from the MW6JUY/P station.

CQ Zone: 14
Continent: EU
DXCC Number: 149
IOTA Group Name: undefined
SOTA Summit Name: undefined

Frequency: 10.136855 MHz
Signal Noise Ratio (SNR): -11
Time (UTC): 16:42

Real-time activity for CU3AT at PSKReporter.info

What does this map show?

The station is both receiving and transmitting

The station is receive-only, no transmissions

The station is not receiving or transmitting

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Additional Info: This map and associated data is processed by and provided by PSKReporter.info. You can click here to visit their website for the full-screen version and information about the service.

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